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Airbnb and Your Strata.

In November, 2014 CBC News reported that a resident homeowner was surprised to find that apartments in her East Vancouver strata building were being used for vacation rentals on Airbnb.

Airbnb is an online vacation rental service. Airbnb disrupts the traditional vacation rental model by allowing people to rent out their homes – or even spare rooms – nightly, weekly and monthly. Continue Reading…

MiCasa Agenda Layout in Production

MiCasa is the Gold Standard for Meeting Agendas

Hot on the heels of MiCasa’s recent Task Tags release, MiCasa has now released a new design for council meeting agendas.

MiCasa’s aim was to create an “industry gold standard” for the design of council meeting agendas. We worked closely with experts from the property management industry to make sure that our new design worked for PM’s, their clients and self-managed stratas. Continue Reading…


Introducing MiCasa Tasks

The crew behind the scenes at MiCasa have been working incredibly hard recently; today we’re chuffed to announce a major update to MiCasa, including something brand new called MiCasa Tasks.

MiCasa Tasks is a powerful tool that allows the strata council and property manager to create tasks and assign them to a person or company for successful completion. Continue Reading…

Man Whining

Don’t Confuse a Lack of Participation with a Lack of Caring.

Re-invent Your Strata, Tip #12: Why Residents Don’t Care.

We’re all guilty of whining from time to time. I whine about Canada’s position on the environment (what’s with Bill C-38 anyway?), I moan about the rain, I rant about reality TV, and don’t get me started on media ownership. Anyway, my point is we all whine, and for the most part I’m okay with it. Continue Reading…

Sign With Words RENT

Respecting Renters Gives Valuable Perspective and Creates Community.

Re-invent Your Strata, Tip #4: Don’t Forget Renters

We’ve all been renters at some stage, so why are some owners hell-bent on excluding renters from strata communities?

Sure, there are some legal arguments that, amongst other things, limit the responsibilities of renters, and then there’s the “high turnover” argument.

I just don’t buy these arguments. Continue Reading…

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MiCasa Community Suggestions Prompt User Profile Update

We’ve started an overhaul of MiCasa User Profiles. This update is a result of much appreciated feedback from the MiCasa Community.

User Profiles are an important part of MiCasa because they enable residents to recognise each other and associate names with a faces. These small things help supercharge a strata community by encouraging real-life, personal interaction. Continue Reading…

Help word

MiCasa – Jeremey’s Community Board Suggestion Helps Strata Residents

Recently, we received a great suggestion from Jeremey (Victoria, BC), requesting better control of the MiCasa Community Board.

Jeremey’s suggestion, taken from his own experience using MiCasa, prompted us to re-assess how residential groups access information in the real world. The outcome of our re-assessment is an almost complete overhaul of the MiCasa User Permissions system. Continue Reading…

Community Security

Addressing MiCasa Security

I recently had an opportunity to spend time chatting with Norm, a lovely bloke living in Victoria, BC, and brand new to using MiCasa in his building. Norm was excited about getting started with MiCasa, but was understandably concerned about his security online.

Norm asked some very important questions about MiCasa security, so I thought I’d share this information with the MiCasa community here. Continue Reading…