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Video Tip #5: Find The Fun

Re-invent Your Strata, Tip #4: Find The Fun

For most people, sitting on their strata council is right up there beside root canals and colonoscopies in popularity. We need to find the fun in running our strata councils to attract new residents and fresh ideas.

Read my full article on finding the fun here.

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Comparing Strata Councils to Colonoscopies, But In a Good Way…

Re-invent Your Strata, Tip #5: Find The Fun

There’s no doubt about it, running a strata is serious stuff. There are laws and property acts to navigate, conflicts to mediate, bills to pay and maintenance plans to oversee. It’s little wonder that residents sink back in their seats and won’t make eye contact during “elect a council time”.

I don’t blame the residents. Continue Reading…

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Respecting Renters Gives Valuable Perspective and Creates Community.

Re-invent Your Strata, Tip #4: Don’t Forget Renters

We’ve all been renters at some stage, so why are some owners hell-bent on excluding renters from strata communities?

Sure, there are some legal arguments that, amongst other things, limit the responsibilities of renters, and then there’s the “high turnover” argument.

I just don’t buy these arguments. Continue Reading…

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MiCasa Community Suggestions Prompt User Profile Update

We’ve started an overhaul of MiCasa User Profiles. This update is a result of much appreciated feedback from the MiCasa Community.

User Profiles are an important part of MiCasa because they enable residents to recognise each other and associate names with a faces. These small things help supercharge a strata community by encouraging real-life, personal interaction. Continue Reading…

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Re-Invent Your Strata, Tip 03: Encourage Personal Ownership

Encourage Personal Ownership

Regardless of whether you rent or own, choose the quiet of the ‘burbs or the buzz of downtown, when it comes to our homes, we all have some level of personal ownership.

For me, personal ownership is why I pick my socks up off the floor and clean the toilet before guests arrive. Continue Reading…

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MiCasa – Jeremey’s Community Board Suggestion Helps Strata Residents

Recently, we received a great suggestion from Jeremey (Victoria, BC), requesting better control of the MiCasa Community Board.

Jeremey’s suggestion, taken from his own experience using MiCasa, prompted us to re-assess how residential groups access information in the real world. The outcome of our re-assessment is an almost complete overhaul of the MiCasa User Permissions system. Continue Reading…

Video Tip #2: Get Involved

This weeks Re-invent Your Strata tip is: Get Involved.

Learn why getting involved in your strata is not just about being on your strata council, and why getting involved will re-invent your strata.

Also read my article on easy ways to get involved in your strata without being on your strata council.

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