Industry leading best practices for all.

MiCasa is designed for self managed and managed stratas, with direct input from industry experts.

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Secure and Private

Every MiCasa account is protected by bank-level encryption, stored on the world’s most trusted servers and backed-up on secure servers in multiple locations.




Permanent Strata Records

MiCasa’s document tree provides easy access your strata records whenever you need them. It’s also nice to know that MiCasa organizes strata records in accordance to the Strata Property Act.


Owner Communication

We work closely with industry experts and experienced council members to ensure that MiCasa provides transparency to owners without creating confusion.




At less than $1 per suite, per month, our pricing is designed to make MiCasa affordable for any sized strata!

Strata Owned

While we’ll work closely with your property management company, MiCasa is owned by your strata! There’s no need to change applications if you change your property management company. MiCasa is your strata’s permanent home online.



Exceptional Support

MiCasa is easier to use than online banking, so you’ll be up to speed in minutes! If you need support, we’re just an email or phone call away. Best of all, support is included!

Other Features

MiCasa comes with these other great features:

  • Notifications
  • Task Management
  • Agenda Builder
  • User Roles
  • Updates & Improvements

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Strata Councils Love MiCasa.

“MiCasa is easy to maintain by non-computer people, and will help strata council’s get over the costly use of paper and move into the information age.”
JeremyCouncil MemberVictoria BC