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Full List of May Updates

Boy, a lot’s been happening at MiCasa. We’re constantly updating MiCasa based on your feedback. Here’s what we’ve been up to during May. Continue Reading…

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MiCasa – The Facebook Community Vision

Currently working on: Building a Better Community

At the moment we are discussing how we can better communicate with members of the MiCasa Facebook Community. Our aim is to create a non-intimidating conversational environment, for people who live in strata buildings to share their experience and knowledge with other strata residents. We are also keen to share the experience that we’ve gathered while creating MiCasa. We’ve worked with many residential buildings, each with their own quirks and peculiarities, and lived in many too. Facebook is a great medium for these conversations.

Tell us how you think we can do a better job in this area. Your suggestions mean the world to us, so we’re listening… Continue Reading…

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MiCasa – New Calendar Will Help Keep Residents In The Loop

Currently Working On: Norm’s Calendar Suggestion

Way back in January, Norm from Victoria asked us if we could build a calendar feature for MiCasa. According to Norm, a calendar would help their building by enabling residents to check the availability of their two guest suites.

Thanks Norm, great idea. A calendar feature is a popular suggestion, so we’re on it. Continue Reading…

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MiCasa Permissions Update, er… Update.

Currently Working On: Saying Sorry to the MiCasa Community

I write a lot of articles about using MiCasa to promote open and transparent communication, and how this will re-invent your strata community. So it would be hypocritical of me to preach transparency without practicing it here, so the MiCasa Community can also benefit (or shun me completely, which is also an option… I guess). Continue Reading…

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MiCasa Community Suggestions Prompt User Profile Update

We’ve started an overhaul of MiCasa User Profiles. This update is a result of much appreciated feedback from the MiCasa Community.

User Profiles are an important part of MiCasa because they enable residents to recognise each other and associate names with a faces. These small things help supercharge a strata community by encouraging real-life, personal interaction. Continue Reading…

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MiCasa – Jeremey’s Community Board Suggestion Helps Strata Residents

Recently, we received a great suggestion from Jeremey (Victoria, BC), requesting better control of the MiCasa Community Board.

Jeremey’s suggestion, taken from his own experience using MiCasa, prompted us to re-assess how residential groups access information in the real world. The outcome of our re-assessment is an almost complete overhaul of the MiCasa User Permissions system. Continue Reading…

MiCasa New Strata Commenting Feature

MiCasa – Fancy New Strata Commenting Feature

I took a sneak peek at the new MiCasa commenting feature yesterday and it looks awesome.

The commenting feature, encourages open discussion between residents, and includes a nifty notification feature so you’ll never miss a chance to contribute to a discussion in your strata again. Continue Reading…