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Software that grows profits and improves client retention.

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Save Time on Tasks

By managing tasks for Property Managers, MiCasa saves time and grows profits for brokerages. Assign, view and organize tasks across all stratas from one place. Refreshingly fast and easy-to-use.


Transparency Counts

Client demand for software that provides visibility and accessibility is growing. MiCasa provides refreshingly easy to use software, dedicated to meeting the transparency needs of clients and improving client retention for brokerages.


Meeting Agendas Mastered

By creating meeting agendas automatically, MiCasa gives Property Managers time to focus on tasks that provide higher value to the brokerage. Create perfectly formatted meeting agendas with the click of a button. Agendas are created as PDF documents, so they’re easily printed at the office.


Make the Connection

Clients live in an increasingly connected world. The channels of communication are broader now than any time in history. MiCasa allows Property Managers to communicate with clients more efficiently than ever before, growing value for brokerages and improving client retention.


Distribute Notices Instantly

By instantly notifying owners when new strata notices and records are available, MiCasa frees-up time for Property Managers to carry more clients and directly grow brokerage revenue.


Minimize Errors

When a Property Manager makes a mistake or lets a deadline slip, client retention suffers. MiCasa provides valuable oversight on Property Manager tasks, minimizing errors and maximizing client satisfaction.


Other Features

MiCasa for Stratas comes with these other great features:

  • Workflow procedures and best practices developed with direct input from industry experts
  • Updates & Improvements
  • Customer Support
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Who to Call Directory

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Brokerages & Property Managers Love MiCasa.

“We’ve been able to quickly organize meetings without having to send out mail. So MiCasa is very important as a communication tool.”
LeslieProperty ManagerVancouver, BC