MiCasa Document Tags

Introducing Document Tags

Document management is at the very heart of MiCasa. So when the council and PM from fire affected Champlain Ridge asked MiCasa to help better organize their rapidly expanding strata document library, we accepted the challenge.

MiCasa currently organizes documents in compliance with the Strata Property Act: each document uploaded to MiCasa is placed in a category that is consistent with “real world” record keeping outlined in The Act. Continue Reading…

MiCasa Agenda Layout in Production

MiCasa is the Gold Standard for Meeting Agendas

Hot on the heels of MiCasa’s recent Task Tags release, MiCasa has now released a new design for council meeting agendas.

MiCasa’s aim was to create an “industry gold standard” for the design of council meeting agendas. We worked closely with experts from the property management industry to make sure that our new design worked for PM’s, their clients and self-managed stratas. Continue Reading…


Fire at Champlain Ridge

On July 7, 2013, fire displaced the occupants of 22 units from Champlain Ridge, a 75 unit Vancouver strata building. While the fire, thankfully, did not result in any loss of life, Champlain Ridge residents are still, seven weeks later, dealing with the fall-out from the blaze.

The cause of the fire is unknown at this time.

“The fire spread throughout the building via attic crawl spaces between units, making it particularly hard for the 86 firefighters that attended the four-alarm fire to extinguish,” said Lorne Prupas, council president of Champlain Ridge.

“In the end, between 6 and 8 units of the 22 units affected were very badly damaged by the fire; however, the majority of the other units sustained significant water damage or may be inaccessible due to construction and security concerns. Of the 22 units affected, 4 units did not have home insurance. Residents will be unable to re-enter their units for up to 18 months. Continue Reading…

MiCasa All Tasks Feature

View All Task Across Every Strata

This month we released a small but very handy update that allows property managers and brokerages to view all of their outstanding tasks across all of their stratas in one place.

We meet regularly with industry professionals to make sure that MiCasa is helping to solve problems that happen in the real world. This helps us keep MiCasa from becoming cluttered with useless features, improving user experience etc… Anyhow, during one of these meetings, it was brought to our attention that property managers and their brokerages have no way of viewing all of their active tasks across all of their managed properties in one place.

Simple enough, eh! Continue Reading…


Automatically Create Meeting Agendas with Task Tags

Today, we’re proud to introduce another major update to MiCasa Tasks: Task tagging and task reports.

Writing meeting agendas and operations reports is an ongoing chore for property managers and self-managed stratas. MiCasa now saves time by automatically creating these reports directly from tasks.

Continue Reading…

Full List of May Updates

Boy, a lot’s been happening at MiCasa. We’re constantly updating MiCasa based on your feedback. Here’s what we’ve been up to during May. Continue Reading…

Dragging Tasks in MiCasa

Reordering Tasks Made Easy

Since launching MiCasa Tasks users have asked for the ability to reorder tasks after the task itself has been created. As we received feedback and discovered how you were using MiCasa Tasks, it became obvious that the existing task ordering functionality had to change. Thanks to your feedback, task ordering is now a much nicer experience for all MiCasa users. Continue Reading…


Introducing MiCasa Tasks

The crew behind the scenes at MiCasa have been working incredibly hard recently; today we’re chuffed to announce a major update to MiCasa, including something brand new called MiCasa Tasks.

MiCasa Tasks is a powerful tool that allows the strata council and property manager to create tasks and assign them to a person or company for successful completion. Continue Reading…

Thanksgiving 2012

Thanksgiving Message from Mat

WOOT! It’s the Thanksgiving long weekend in Canada.

I’d like to mark this special weekend by thanking you for being a part of MiCasa. Your ideas and guidance help us to continue reinventing the way that strata communities currently operate.

Happy Thanksgiving to you, your family and your friends.


Mat Peake
Co-founder of MiCasa