About MiCasa

MiCasa is a web application that makes it easy for owners, renters, council groups and management to work together and create a real, harmonious community in residential buildings.

MiCasa Online Inc. is a community minded, Vancouver-based company, founded in 2012 by Jonathan Hawkes, Günter Glück and Mathew Peake. We’re passionate about using technology to make life better for everyone living in residential buildings, including ourselves.

Our History

In 2009, Mat and Jon teamed up to create Thiink Strata, one of the very first cloud-based web applications for Vancouver strata/condo residents. Initially created as a way of communicating better inside their own strata communities, Thiink Strata focussed on improving owner-to-owner communication and continues to be used in the Vancouver strata market today.

Our Vision

We are focused on redefining the way residential buildings currently operate by establishing a new norm where owners, renters, council groups and management use technology to collaborate and develop a real, harmonious community for people living in residential buildings.

Our People
We work hard to create technology that re-invents the way residential buildings currently operate. Always, helping residents live better.