MiCasa Redesign

New MiCasa Design

New Design: clear, fresh and mobile-ready

As some of you might already know, we were working on a fresh and improved design for the MiCasa Platform. We are now ready to ship it within the next days and want to give you a preview upfront and answer questions you might have.

Why do you switch to a new design?

During the last years the possibilities and aesthetics changed quite a bit. We also see that a lot of users use or want to use MiCasa on their smartphones. We also wanted to create a better overall user experience for you and make it clean, fresh and content-centric. The readability and usability has been increased a lot, especially on mobile devices.

Ok great! So, what has changed?

The user interface design changed a lot but the underlying functionality and flows didn’t change. This should make it easy for you to still find your ways through the MiCasa pages and forms while being able to enjoy the fresh and improved interface design. We also improved the design and copy of our notification emails in order to reflect our content-centric design principle.

Are there any new features?

Along the way we also improved the system as a whole to make it easier to improve and add more features in the near future. As the first effect of this we already improved the blue filter sideboxes for the community board and documents. We also added a search field to the community board. You can combine the filters on the left side and the search box (e.g. find all posts about “Garden” in the “News” category). These are already rolled out since a few weeks and you can expect more improvements over the next weeks and months.

How does it look like?

Here are some screenshots to get a preview of how your own Strata website will soon look like.








Great! When can we see and use the new design?

We are done with implementation and are doing the last rounds of testing at the moment. We expect to do the roll out early next week.

Ok, thats it for now. We can’t wait to ship it to you and hope you love it as much as we do!

Have a great time and enjoy spring,

Your MiCasa Team