A New MiCasa Website for an Exciting New Year


Today we’re really happy to announce the release of the new MiCasaHQ.com website.

The new website is a result of a recent company review by MiCasa’s founders. We’ve put together an ambitious roadmap for MiCasa in 2014 that involves a lot of movement on the company side and a great deal of evolution on the product side.

We want to enter 2014 with as much momentum as possible.

It was clear to us that the old website was not going to help us meet our 2014 objectives, so it was time to get to work on the new website. We’ve created something that is aligned with what we’re trying to achieve over the coming year with our MiCasa product. Things like providing a tailored user experience, and an even greater emphasis on simplicity were important to us during the redesign.

We’re very conscious of how people interact with MiCasa, so we spent a lot of time simplifying the overall user experience of the new website. The result is a website that guides users much more effectively to the information that they’re looking for.