Friendship Dolls

Re-invent Your Strata, Tip #14: Make a friend.

Those of you who follow the MiCasa Twitter feed, will know that I’m a big fan of independent journalism. When it comes to independent journalism in British Columbia, it doesn’t get much better than The Tyee. So when The Tyee ran a Jesse Donaldson article that took a tongue-in-cheek swipe at the famously aloof nature of West Coasters, I was caught howling with laughter, shouting “it’s true, it’s so true” at my screen.

After moving to the West Coast in ‘01, I became subtly aware of a level of standoffishness that runs counter to my Australian, not-so-subtle-at-all “everyone’s welcome, the more the better” nature; however, it took Donaldson’s article to help me really understand it.

Fact is, West Coasters are aloof. In my experience, most West Coasters are content with their existing circle of friends, rarely reaching out for new “recruits”. After all, who has time to meet new friends, right?


Trouble is, West Coast aloofness may kill any chance of creating a real community in your strata building.

I propose a challenge, something to nudge us all out of our comfort zones a little. Before year’s end, I challenge you to invite someone who lives in your building over for dinner. Doing so will promote neighbourliness and supercharge your community. Submit a photo of your dinner, and I will post it on this blog.

Who knows your new BFF may be hiding in plain sight.

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