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Re-invent Your Strata, Tip #9: Intent is Everything

Last week, I had an enjoyable chat with Charles. Charles is the president of his strata, located in Burnaby, British Columbia.

I admire Charles for the respect he showed his fellow strata council members, his appreciation for residents and how he acknowledged the good work done by their property management company. Charles is a perfect case-study on how showing the best intent for the people involved in your building will Re-invent Your Strata.

I appreciate the hard-work and time dedicated by strata council members; however, strata councils have not managed to shake their reputation of attracting self-righteous, agenda-pushing members. Any perception of council members putting their own interests before the interests of the community feeds this reputation, breeding a culture of distrust and animosity amongst residents.

Follow the excellent example set by Charles in Burnaby – always show the best intent for the residents that you represent. Allow residents to see that you care for their needs, rather than serving your own. By doing so, you will breed a culture of trust, engage residents and Re-invent Your Strata.

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