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Re-invent Your Strata, Tip #6: Work Together

It really gets my goat when people give nancy-fancy, fluffy, cotton-candy advice that’s supposed to change the world. However, I have to admit, this week’s tip “Work Together” is about as sickly sweet as it gets. It’s also guaranteed to Re-invent Your Strata.

I propose a love fest. A git ‘yer hands dirty task to “git” everyone working together.

Just imagine, your strata council members mixing with owners and renters, unified in creating something that promotes good health, reduces household expenses and sends your strata community into the strat-o-sphere. A community garden can do all this.

Think you don’t have space for a garden? Yes you do.

Back in 1999 my friend Rob converted the roof of his Yaletown, Vancouver, apartment into a community garden. Back then the idea was so unique that the Vancouver Province newspaper wrote a full-page article on him.

These days, there’s a mountain of information available online about creating rooftop and non-rooftop gardens for your strata building.

A community garden is just one example of your strata working together to create something positive for everyone. Working together is about more than fresh veggies. You will create an environment where people can really communicate, learn and start to understand each other better, all while contributing to your strata community. Now that’s Re-inventing Your Strata.

Oh, by-the-way: Planning and preparation prevent a poor performance, so make sure you research zoning laws, create a budget and start small. Spring has sprung in Vancouver, so get to work…

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