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I recently had an opportunity to spend time chatting with Norm, a lovely bloke living in Victoria, BC, and brand new to using MiCasa in his building. Norm was excited about getting started with MiCasa, but was understandably concerned about his security online.

Norm asked some very important questions about MiCasa security, so I thought I’d share this information with the MiCasa community here.

Why security is so important to us
One of the major reasons for residents and councils to choose MiCasa, is our commitment to protecting your information. We do this by applying security updates across the entire MiCasa community frequently, without interruption or added cost.

Our dedication to protecting your information really sets MiCasa apart from our competition. It’s the reason why security is so important to us.

What we’re doing right now
From a user’s point-of-view MiCasa may look simple, but working away in the background is a very advanced, regularly maintained, web application. Maintenance is important to MiCasa security, in the same way maintenance is important to keep your bike or car running smoothly.

We choose to host MiCasa on enterprise level servers – the same servers as the worlds most trusted websites. These servers have teams of technicians dedicated to maintaining security.

MiCasa also uses database encryption to further protect your account information.

The future of MiCasa security [Update: This security update has now been completed]
In early 2012 we’ll be updating MiCasa security again. This time we’re applying an additional layer of encryption to further protect customers using our free service.

Protecting your information with the best online security helps us re-define the way that residential buildings currently operate.

Do you have a question about MiCasa security? We’d love to hear from you below.

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