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Document file types

Upload larger files, upload any file type

We heard that some MiCasa customers were experiencing trouble when uploading larger files using slower internet connections. As a result, we recently made some subtle but very important improvements to MiCasa’s document upload system. Continue Reading…

Documents Found!

Search: An easier way to find your documents

More customers than ever are using MiCasa to organize strata documents, resulting in larger document libraries that ever before. We’ve noticed that as MiCasa document libraries grow, documents become harder to find. MiCasa’s document management system needed some love. Continue Reading…

MiCasa Document Tags

Introducing Document Tags

Document management is at the very heart of MiCasa. So when the council and PM from fire affected Champlain Ridge asked MiCasa to help better organize their rapidly expanding strata document library, we accepted the challenge.

MiCasa currently organizes documents in compliance with the Strata Property Act: each document uploaded to MiCasa is placed in a category that is consistent with “real world” record keeping outlined in The Act. Continue Reading…

MiCasa Agenda Layout in Production

MiCasa is the Gold Standard for Meeting Agendas

Hot on the heels of MiCasa’s recent Task Tags release, MiCasa has now released a new design for council meeting agendas.

MiCasa’s aim was to create an “industry gold standard” for the design of council meeting agendas. We worked closely with experts from the property management industry to make sure that our new design worked for PM’s, their clients and self-managed stratas. Continue Reading…


Introducing MiCasa Tasks

The crew behind the scenes at MiCasa have been working incredibly hard recently; today we’re chuffed to announce a major update to MiCasa, including something brand new called MiCasa Tasks.

MiCasa Tasks is a powerful tool that allows the strata council and property manager to create tasks and assign them to a person or company for successful completion. Continue Reading…

Image of girl holding her eye glasses

MiCasa – The Facebook Community Vision

Currently working on: Building a Better Community

At the moment we are discussing how we can better communicate with members of the MiCasa Facebook Community. Our aim is to create a non-intimidating conversational environment, for people who live in strata buildings to share their experience and knowledge with other strata residents. We are also keen to share the experience that we’ve gathered while creating MiCasa. We’ve worked with many residential buildings, each with their own quirks and peculiarities, and lived in many too. Facebook is a great medium for these conversations.

Tell us how you think we can do a better job in this area. Your suggestions mean the world to us, so we’re listening… Continue Reading…

Red and white loops image

MiCasa – New Calendar Will Help Keep Residents In The Loop

Currently Working On: Norm’s Calendar Suggestion

Way back in January, Norm from Victoria asked us if we could build a calendar feature for MiCasa. According to Norm, a calendar would help their building by enabling residents to check the availability of their two guest suites.

Thanks Norm, great idea. A calendar feature is a popular suggestion, so we’re on it. Continue Reading…