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A New MiCasa Website for an Exciting New Year

Today we’re really happy to announce the release of the new website.

The new website is a result of a recent company review by MiCasa’s founders. We’ve put together an ambitious roadmap for MiCasa in 2014 that involves a lot of movement on the company side and a great deal of evolution on the product side. Continue Reading…

Thanksgiving 2012

Thanksgiving Message from Mat

WOOT! It’s the Thanksgiving long weekend in Canada.

I’d like to mark this special weekend by thanking you for being a part of MiCasa. Your ideas and guidance help us to continue reinventing the way that strata communities currently operate.

Happy Thanksgiving to you, your family and your friends.


Mat Peake
Co-founder of MiCasa

Friendship Dolls

The Problem with West Coast Aloofness.

Re-invent Your Strata, Tip #14: Make a friend.

Those of you who follow the MiCasa Twitter feed, will know that I’m a big fan of independent journalism. When it comes to independent journalism in British Columbia, it doesn’t get much better than The Tyee. So when The Tyee ran a Jesse Donaldson article that took a tongue-in-cheek swipe at the famously aloof nature of West Coasters, I was caught howling with laughter, shouting “it’s true, it’s so true” at my screen. Continue Reading…

Man Whining

Don’t Confuse a Lack of Participation with a Lack of Caring.

Re-invent Your Strata, Tip #12: Why Residents Don’t Care.

We’re all guilty of whining from time to time. I whine about Canada’s position on the environment (what’s with Bill C-38 anyway?), I moan about the rain, I rant about reality TV, and don’t get me started on media ownership. Anyway, my point is we all whine, and for the most part I’m okay with it. Continue Reading…

Hand holding pencil

Digital Marketing Insights: Meet MiCasa – a Social App to Reinvent the Strata

Written By James Mulvey

Meet ______ is a new series on the One Net Marketing blog. We pick start-ups and cool tech companies, talk about their marketing challenges and share their story. Enjoy.

In this interview, Mathew Peake shares MiCasa’s bootstrapped mission to change the way people communicate with their building community. He also shares the marketing and business lessons learned as MiCasa charts the next move from start-up to a wide audience.

MiCasa’s app allows building residents to upload and share important building files, communicate with other residents, book common areas, receive updates, and stay informed about key building issues.
Continue Reading…

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MiCasa – Annual General Meetings, Flawed By Definition

Re-invent Your Strata, Tip #10: Don’t Rely on Your AGM

Anyone who lives in a townhouse, condo or apartment is familiar with the term Annual General Meeting (AGM). It’s universally accepted that AGMs are the best way to keep residents informed, seek opinion on important issues, approve budgets and elect councils.

Unfortunately, the antiquated Annual General Meeting is flawed by definition. Even for the smallest strata, a single yearly meeting cannot adequately summarize a year’s worth of council decisions, provide operational transparency, or come close to providing enough information for residents to make good decisions on important strata issues. Continue Reading…

Video Tip #8: Lend a Hand

Encouraging residents to lend a hand in your building will Re-invent Your Strata. Relatively simple acts like helping the elderly lady on the third floor carry her groceries or feeding your neighbour’s cat while they’re away, have an immeasurable knock-on effect within a residential building. Continue Reading…