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Document file types

Upload larger files, upload any file type

We heard that some MiCasa customers were experiencing trouble when uploading larger files using slower internet connections. As a result, we recently made some subtle but very important improvements to MiCasa’s document upload system. Continue Reading…

Documents Found!

Search: An easier way to find your documents

More customers than ever are using MiCasa to organize strata documents, resulting in larger document libraries that ever before. We’ve noticed that as MiCasa document libraries grow, documents become harder to find. MiCasa’s document management system needed some love. Continue Reading…

MiCasa Document Tags

Introducing Document Tags

Document management is at the very heart of MiCasa. So when the council and PM from fire affected Champlain Ridge asked MiCasa to help better organize their rapidly expanding strata document library, we accepted the challenge.

MiCasa currently organizes documents in compliance with the Strata Property Act: each document uploaded to MiCasa is placed in a category that is consistent with “real world” record keeping outlined in The Act. Continue Reading…

Video Tip #9: Intent Is Everything

If you’re a member of your building’s strata council, always show the best intent for the residents that you represent. Allow residents to see that you care for their needs, rather than serving your own. By doing so, you will breed a culture of trust, engage residents and Re-invent Your Strata.

Read my short article on how good intent will Re-invent Your Strata.

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MiCasa – New Calendar Will Help Keep Residents In The Loop

Currently Working On: Norm’s Calendar Suggestion

Way back in January, Norm from Victoria asked us if we could build a calendar feature for MiCasa. According to Norm, a calendar would help their building by enabling residents to check the availability of their two guest suites.

Thanks Norm, great idea. A calendar feature is a popular suggestion, so we’re on it. Continue Reading…

picture of camel on journey

MiCasa – Strata Projects, More About The Journey Than The Destination.

Re-invent Your Strata, Tip #7: Complete Small Tasks

Last week I wrote an article on the benefits of residents working together to re-invent their strata. Within the article I used the example of building a community garden as a metaphor for creating an environment where residents can communicate, learn and understand each other better (you can read the full article).

While researching last week’s article, it occurred to me that tackling large projects like a community garden, may be daunting for strata councils and strata council members. I don’t blame you for feeling a tad faint Continue Reading…

community gardeners at work

Dirty Hands Help Create The Perfect Strata Community.

Re-invent Your Strata, Tip #6: Work Together

It really gets my goat when people give nancy-fancy, fluffy, cotton-candy advice that’s supposed to change the world. However, I have to admit, this week’s tip “Work Together” is about as sickly sweet as it gets. It’s also guaranteed to Re-invent Your Strata.

I propose a love fest. A git ‘yer hands dirty task to “git” everyone working together. Continue Reading…

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Comparing Strata Councils to Colonoscopies, But In a Good Way…

Re-invent Your Strata, Tip #5: Find The Fun

There’s no doubt about it, running a strata is serious stuff. There are laws and property acts to navigate, conflicts to mediate, bills to pay and maintenance plans to oversee. It’s little wonder that residents sink back in their seats and won’t make eye contact during “elect a council time”.

I don’t blame the residents. Continue Reading…