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MiCasa – Annual General Meetings, Flawed By Definition

Re-invent Your Strata, Tip #10: Don’t Rely on Your AGM

Anyone who lives in a townhouse, condo or apartment is familiar with the term Annual General Meeting (AGM). It’s universally accepted that AGMs are the best way to keep residents informed, seek opinion on important issues, approve budgets and elect councils.

Unfortunately, the antiquated Annual General Meeting is flawed by definition. Even for the smallest strata, a single yearly meeting cannot adequately summarize a year’s worth of council decisions, provide operational transparency, or come close to providing enough information for residents to make good decisions on important strata issues. Continue Reading…

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MiCasa – New Calendar Will Help Keep Residents In The Loop

Currently Working On: Norm’s Calendar Suggestion

Way back in January, Norm from Victoria asked us if we could build a calendar feature for MiCasa. According to Norm, a calendar would help their building by enabling residents to check the availability of their two guest suites.

Thanks Norm, great idea. A calendar feature is a popular suggestion, so we’re on it. Continue Reading…

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MiCasa Permissions Update, er… Update.

Currently Working On: Saying Sorry to the MiCasa Community

I write a lot of articles about using MiCasa to promote open and transparent communication, and how this will re-invent your strata community. So it would be hypocritical of me to preach transparency without practicing it here, so the MiCasa Community can also benefit (or shun me completely, which is also an option… I guess). Continue Reading…