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BC strata fines family over noisy kids recently reported that a family with two young children, living in an Abbotsford, BC strata, has been fined twice for excessive noise. The family has also received final notice from their strata’s Property Manager that further complaints will result in fines “without warning”. Continue Reading…


A New MiCasa Website for an Exciting New Year

Today we’re really happy to announce the release of the new website.

The new website is a result of a recent company review by MiCasa’s founders. We’ve put together an ambitious roadmap for MiCasa in 2014 that involves a lot of movement on the company side and a great deal of evolution on the product side. Continue Reading…

Video Tip #7: Complete Small Tasks

This video expands on this weeks Re-invent Your Strata tip: Complete Small Tasks

By adjusting your council’s approach to large projects you will build confidence, generate support and Re-invent Your Strata. After all, large projects are just made up of small, achievable, not at all daunting, bite-sized, tasks. Continue Reading…

Video Tip #6: Work Together

This video expands on this weeks Re-invent Your Strata tip: Work Together.

When your strata works together you create an environment where people can communicate, learn and start to understand each other better, all while contributing to your strata community. Now that’s Re-inventing Your Strata. Continue Reading…

Video Tip #4: Don’t Forget Renters

Re-invent Your Strata, Tip #4: Don’t Forget Renters

Why are some owners hell-bent on excluding renters from strata communities? Learn how respecting renters will give valuable perspective and re-invent your strata. Continue Reading…

Help word

MiCasa – Jeremey’s Community Board Suggestion Helps Strata Residents

Recently, we received a great suggestion from Jeremey (Victoria, BC), requesting better control of the MiCasa Community Board.

Jeremey’s suggestion, taken from his own experience using MiCasa, prompted us to re-assess how residential groups access information in the real world. The outcome of our re-assessment is an almost complete overhaul of the MiCasa User Permissions system. Continue Reading…

MiCasa New Strata Commenting Feature

MiCasa – Fancy New Strata Commenting Feature

I took a sneak peek at the new MiCasa commenting feature yesterday and it looks awesome.

The commenting feature, encourages open discussion between residents, and includes a nifty notification feature so you’ll never miss a chance to contribute to a discussion in your strata again. Continue Reading…

We love residents

In love with the idea that people everywhere can live better in residential buildings

I was having a beer with my cousin the other night and he asked me “so what’s the long-term plan for MiCasa?” My response [below**] earned me a cheeky smile, followed by another question, “so you guys are changing the way every building operates?”.

My single word answer, “Yep”.

This conversation is not an unusual one. We chat with people all the time about the direction of MiCasa and what we’re trying to achieve. The fact is that we are motivated by the idea that every residential building can operate better by using MiCasa to open up communication and get people talking. Continue Reading…