MiCasa All Tasks Feature

This month we released a small but very handy update that allows property managers and brokerages to view all of their outstanding tasks across all of their stratas in one place.

We meet regularly with industry professionals to make sure that MiCasa is helping to solve problems that happen in the real world. This helps us keep MiCasa from becoming cluttered with useless features, improving user experience etc… Anyhow, during one of these meetings, it was brought to our attention that property managers and their brokerages have no way of viewing all of their active tasks across all of their managed properties in one place.

Simple enough, eh!

Property managers and brokerages can now view a list of all active tasks (ordered by due date), the strata that the task is associated with, due date of the task and a brief summary of the task. This update will improve workflow for property managers — as they no longer have to click between stratas to see upcoming tasks — and improve oversight at the brokerage level.

Here’s how it works:

To view a list of all active tasks across all stratas: Log into your MiCasa account. Select the Tasks tab. From the Task Reports navigation, on the left-side, select All Tasks. A list of all active tasks across all stratas will be displayed.

We think that allowing all tasks to be viewed in this way is a real time saver for property managers and brokerages. What do you think about this new MiCasa feature? We’re keen to hear your feedback.