Today, we’re proud to introduce another major update to MiCasa Tasks: Task tagging and task reports.

Writing meeting agendas and operations reports is an ongoing chore for property managers and self-managed stratas. MiCasa now saves time by automatically creating these reports directly from tasks.

Improving MiCasa Tasks has been at the very top of our list for the past 2 months. Improving MiCasa Tasks allows us to solve some of the real-world problems experienced by strata councils, property managers and brokerages.

MiCasa Tasks can be tagged as agenda items or operations or both. Tagged tasks can then be exported as a pre-formatted PDF meeting agenda or operations report.

Here’s how task tagging works:

  • From within MiCasa Tasks, select Add a Task.
  • Complete information fields and select the Tags field.
  • Choose an applicable tag for the task. For example, if the task is to be discussed at a council meeting, choose the Agenda Item tag.
  • Select Save Task. The tag is now visible beside the task name.

Here’s how to create a report (such as a meeting agenda):

  • From within MiCasa Tasks, select Meeting Agenda from the left navigation.
  • You will arrive on the “Council Meeting Agenda” page. Give your agenda a name (or if you prefer, use the default agenda name), select a meeting date, decide if you would like your meeting agenda to contain task descriptions, comments or files.
  • Select Generate Report. A PDF pre-formatted report will be automatically created. This PDF report can be printed or saved on your computer for later use.

We think this method of creating reports works really well. As always, we are keen to hear your feedback.