Dragging Tasks in MiCasa

Since launching MiCasa Tasks users have asked for the ability to reorder tasks after the task itself has been created. As we received feedback and discovered how you were using MiCasa Tasks, it became obvious that the existing task ordering functionality had to change. Thanks to your feedback, task ordering is now a much nicer experience for all MiCasa users.

This update allows users to reorder tasks within a task list by dragging, and move tasks from one task list to another via the Edit Task page.

To reorder a task within a task list: Hover over the task, the drag/move icon will appear to the left of the checkbox, select the drag/move icon and drag the task to its new location.

To move a task from one task list to another: Select a task to enter the Task Detail page. Select the Edit Task button in the top right. Select the Task List drop-down menu. Choose the Task List you would like to move the task into. Select the Update button to save the change.

We’ve found that the ability to reorder tasks in this way saves time and eliminates a lot of frustration. We’re keen to hear your feedback.

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