Boy, a lot’s been happening at MiCasa. We’re constantly updating MiCasa based on your feedback. Here’s what we’ve been up to during May.

  • Improvement: Easily reorder tasks within task lists and move tasks to new task lists.
  • User Sessions: Extended session timeout to 2 hours and remember me feature to 2 weeks. Thanks Michael at Pepper Ridge!
  • Security: Retain document visibility but adjust user permissions on visible documents.
  • Improvement: Flash notes are now double the height to increase visibility.
  • Improvement: Show how many documents are contained within each document category.
  • Improvement: Moved welcome text editing feature to Settings page.
  • Improvement: Users can now edit, complete and delete tasks while viewing task details
  • Improvement: Layout improvements on Edit Task page.
  • Improvement: Pagination on Latest Activity page