The crew behind the scenes at MiCasa have been working incredibly hard recently; today we’re chuffed to announce a major update to MiCasa, including something brand new called MiCasa Tasks.

MiCasa Tasks is a powerful tool that allows the strata council and property manager to create tasks and assign them to a person or company for successful completion.

MiCasa Tasks are made up of two main parts:

  1. Tasks: Tasks are individual “to dos” such as: “Book annual fire inspection” or “Dryer duct cleaning”. Tasks allow the strata to easily track proposals, deficiency reports, completion reports, final invoices, attach photos, warranty documents, or any other document or file that is associated with a Task.
  2. Task lists: Tasks are organized into task lists such as – Preventative Maintenance, Owner Requests, Repairs, Special Projects, etc. Task list names can be customized by the strata.
MiCasa Tasks screenshot

MiCasa Tasks In Action.

When a task is created, it is assigned to a person and given a completion date. Council can track progress and completion dates. People who are working on the task can upload attachments such as quotes, deficiency reports, pictures, and invoices for review and approval when completed.

MiCasa Tasks is available now at no extra cost to all MiCasa customers. If you would like to learn more about MiCasa Tasks take a look at our MiCasa Tasks quick start guide.

MiCasa Tasks make it easy for councils and property managers to stay organized while working on any sized project. MiCasa Tasks ensure that tasks are not forgotten or overlooked, promoting accountability, operational transparency and exceptional service to residents.

(JD Hancock Thank you so much for the header image.)