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Re-invent Your Strata, Tip #11: Don’t Fear Feedback

I talk quite a lot about the benefits that engaged residents will have on your community. Seeking resident feedback is the key to engaging residents. However, strata councils are afraid of seeking resident feedback because they’re concerned of opening a nightmarish pandora’s box.

Truth is, if you want to Re-invent Your Strata, you need to seek feedback from residents whenever possible. There’s nothing to be afraid of.

It’s important to understand that seeking resident feedback is not the same as seeking resident approval. The strata council’s job is to do the approving. The aim when seeking resident feedback, is to involve residents in your strata’s operational process, create a discussion, and to “tap into” the most valuable resource you’ve got, your residents.

Seeking resident feedback is a good investment of your strata council’s time. Doing so is a win, win prospect for councils and residents and will Re-invent Your Strata.

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