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Re-invent Your Strata, Tip #10: Don’t Rely on Your AGM

Anyone who lives in a townhouse, condo or apartment is familiar with the term Annual General Meeting (AGM). It’s universally accepted that AGMs are the best way to keep residents informed, seek opinion on important issues, approve budgets and elect councils.

Unfortunately, the antiquated Annual General Meeting is flawed by definition. Even for the smallest strata, a single yearly meeting cannot adequately summarize a year’s worth of council decisions, provide operational transparency, or come close to providing enough information for residents to make good decisions on important strata issues.

If you’re looking to Re-invent Your Strata, don’t rely on your AGM. The AGM alone, is not capable of creating transparent, informed and engaged communities.


What if you approached your AGM in a totally different way? Rather than cramming everything into the AGM, what if you encouraged discussion with residents on strata issues as they arise throughout the year? What if you actively seek out resident feedback wherever possible? If you could do this (and you can), by the time your AGM rolls around, residents will be up-to-speed on strata issues requiring their attention.

Now you’re talking serious engagement, but how?

Technology is the only way to achieve this level of engagement (aside from face-to-face meetings). Services like MiCasa help you engage residents in safe, open discussion on issues as they arise throughout the year. MiCasa ensures that residents have all the information needed to make good decisions on important strata issues at your AGM. In short, technology like MiCasa makes AGMs better and will Re-invent Your Strata.

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