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Communicate Better

By communicating better, you will create an engaged and responsive community in your strata. Though, one thing is undeniable: constructive communication is never just one sided.

Constructive communication can be as simple as mingling with other residents at a regularly scheduled strata barbecue (face-to-face is always best and has the side benefit of supercharging your community) or using free technology with communication tools built-in (cough, cough, MiCasa, sorry…).

Whatever method you choose, you will re-invent your strata by communicating better with everyone living in your building.

OH and by-the-way, heaping a year of resident communication into the annual general meeting, while expecting residents to approve budgets they barely understand, and elect a new council, is NOT effective communication. We can all do better than that.


  1. Katheryn

    Very true……keeping owners ignorant is strategic and rampant. When it’s all about personal agendas and power….ignorance is a well served tranquilizer!

    Thanks for the tip!

    • Mathew Peake

      I appreciate your comment Katheryn.

      One of our big motivators is to work towards better operational transparency for strata buildings. This will ensure that residents have a complete “big picture” understanding of what’s going on in their building, promoting a more informed, engaged and happy community.

      Given your thoughts on strategic ignorance, it’ll not surprise you that property managers strongly disagree with this “radical” idea.

      I’m glad you enjoyed the tip.

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